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EX005 400G CARBY CLEAN & THROTTLE BODY SPRAY CLEANER Hi-Tec Carby Cleaner can be used for cleaning carburetors, choke assemblies,  EFI, throttle bodies, linkages and other fixtures on car, truck and motor cycle engines, mowers, outboard motors
AUD $7.95
HI14-DFC-300 DFC DFC-300 DFC300 300ML DIESEL FUEL CONDITIONER  Hi-Tec Diesel Fuel Conditioner  performance booster, formulated to clean and lubricate diesel fuel systems, including common rail and direct injection systems
AUD $12.95
HI14-EF-300 EF EF-300 EF300 300ML ENGINE FLUSH Hi-Tec Engine Flush is designed to dissolve and remove the build up of sludge, dirt, varnish and other contaminants within the engine’s lubrication system
AUD $12.95
HI14-ESL-300 ESL ESL-300 ESL300 300ML ENGINE STOP LEAK Hi-Tec Engine Stop Leak reduces unwanted oil leaks in petrol, diesel and LPG engines, it assists to rejuvenate hardened and shrunken seals
AUD $13.95
HI14-PIC-300 PIC PIC-300 PIC300 300ML PETROL INJECTOR CLEANER Hi-Tec Petrol Injector Cleaner cleans fuel injectors, carburettors, ports, valves and combustion chambers by dissolving gums, waxes and carbonaceous deposits
AUD $12.95
HI14-PSSL-300 PSSL PSSL-300 PSSL300 300ML POWER STEERING STOP LEAK Hi-Tec Power Steering Stop Leak is designed to help prevent leaks in the power steering system by revitalising the rubber seals and O-rings
AUD $12.95
HI14-RF-300 RF RF-300 RF300 300ML RADIATOR FLUSH Hi-Tec Radiator Flush is an environmentally safe and biodegradable cooling system rejuvenator that removes rust, scale, dirt and debris from radiators, water pumps
AUD $7.99
HI14-RSL-300 RSL RSL-300 RSL300 300ML RADIATOR STOP LEAK Hi-Tec Radiator Stop Leak reduces leaks in radiator and heater cores, as well as weeping head gaskets
AUD $12.95
HI14-SS-300 SS SS-300 SS300 300ML STOP SMOKE Hi-Tec Stop Smoke Treatment is designed to reduce smoke emissions and oil consumption. It increases oil viscosity, promoting improved engine performance and noise reduction
AUD $13.95
HT9008-000 354ML RADIATOR FLUSH & CLEANER 1 BOTTLE OF 300ML TREATS UP TO 10 LITRESCarlube Radiator Flush has been specially formulated to remove rust, sludge and scale in all automotive cooling systems
AUD $7.99
HT9009-005 5 LTR  5L LONG LIFE COOLANT CONCENTRATE 5 LITRES MAKES FROM 10-15 LITRES OF COOLANT HITEC OILS  HT9009  Extends the period between changing coolant Passenger vehicles and light commercial transporters – 250,000kms / 5 years
AUD $49.95
HT9010-001 1 LTR RED LONG LIFE COOLANT CONCENTRATE  OIL 1L  Benefits of using  Long Life Red  in most OEM diesel  petrol engines allowing one coolant to be inventoried.  The product lasts up to 3 times as long
AUD $14.95
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